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  • FIFA 2013 is the best FIFA

    I love video games, that is no surprise, and one of my favourite video game collections is FIFA by EA Sports. I have editions 2010 to 2013 and have had the same striker, same team, same features throughout all. The new FIFA 2013 is by far the best soccer game out there. Now I don’t […]

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  • This is why I love Ronaldho

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  • FIFA bans head scarves

    This picture saddens me.  It saddens me because the fact that Iran actually has a women’s soccer team and they are not allowed to play with head scarves forcing them to choose between their religion and their passion.  FIFA banned the Iranian women’s national team from an Olympic qualifier because of their headwear citing that “Players and […]

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  • How to fix Soccer

    Soccer is a broken sport. It’s a bold statement but all one has to do is watch a World Cup match to see where the game falls short – reffing.  In their defense being a soccer ref has to be one of the most thankless and high stress jobs in the world so I am […]