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Four things I have learned by hitting a bus

My accident was less than six weeks ago. but I thought I should share what I have learned so far. 1) Get comfortable.  When I shattered my shoulder in the cycling accident, I had to wait 4 days for surgery.  During … Continue reading

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The gay marriage debate in a nutshell

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6 things I learned at Adobe Summit

1. Your data is only as good as your implementation.  When we implemented SiteCatalyst for the CBC we did a good job.  I can’t knock it, but implementation has gotten so much better with the use of Tag Manager, Processing … Continue reading

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Parental obligation

What obligations does a parent have towards their child. I think we can all agree that a parent is obligated to provide their child with food, shelter, and clothing. What about medical care? Funny that what first springs to mind … Continue reading

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Rob Ford should not go down on libel issue

There are a lot of good reasons Rob Ford should be kicked out of office. Incompetence being the most obvious. His lack of care for urban Torontonians, their needs, or their opinions seems to border on pathological. His sound bite … Continue reading

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If you ask me, it’s an improvement

So this elderly lady decided to take it upon herself to “retouch” the painting “Ecce Homo” by Elias Garcia in the Santuario de Misericordia located in Borja Spain. The photo on the right is the result. Most of the media is … Continue reading

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