Many years ago I played an interesting game with my mother called “who are you?” Essentially you ask someone “who are you?” (obviously) when they answer you say, “Thank you. who are you?”  What the game is attempting to elicit is how someone defines themselves.  Most of us would start with our names, then our relationships, then perhaps what we do. If you have never tries this I suggest you give it a go, it is much harder than you expect.

  • I am David Fraser Hamel.
  • I am the son of Ronald George Hamel and Margaret Kathleen Hamel. My father’s family came to the new world with Cartier and Cabot and my mother’s family came over on the Mayflower. My family were loyalists who fled the American revolution and rebels who fought in the Red River Rebellion.  My ancestors were pioneers and farmers, sailors and soldiers.
  • I am a husband to Zuimei Okuyama, a brother to Renée and Nicole, and an uncle to Daniel, Josh, Isaac and Grady.
  • I am an artist and an athlete.
  • I currently work as the Web Analytics Implementation Lead for one of the big banks here in Canada.

That’s about it for now.  It’s much harder than expected.


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  1. Erkan

    Hi Dave,

    Just wanted to ask a question. I started to do alot of reading on the web analysis topic. I have just graduated with a social science degree and was looking to get into the Web Intelligence certification program at UBC. Im just looking for some tips in taking the right path in becoming a true web analysis, can you help?


  2. Clarkson

    Hey! Just did a google search on G20 and to my amazement your blog post is in the first page of results. HOLY BANANAS! That’s awesome. Going to go read it now, but too excited to wit to email you and say congrats

  3. Hi Dave,

    My name is Will and I work for WTB, Wilderness Trail Bikes. We are coming out with a new tire this spring and I would like to use a photo you took from the Downieville Classic race, the Cruiser Cup from 2001 that features Fred Falk, our Operations Manager. The photo would be used with supporting collaterals that would be sent to media – the tire’s name pays homage to Fred and the image would help explain who Fred is and his history with WTB. I would love to include a photo credit to you as well as try to drive traffic to your website if you would like that. Please let me know at your soonest convenience – sadly, as is the case with all of these things, I have a looming deadline.

    Thank you very much for your time.


    Will Ritchie
    WTB, Inc.
    Content Editor

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