Thoughts on retirement

I’m mini-retired.

I quit my job and I’m just living off of savings. I’m not working at all, but it won’t be permanent, so it’s not semi-retirement but “mini-retirement”.

It might seem a bit ludicrous; leaving a job that paid well, had good benefits and allowed me to work with my friends. Despite all these positive aspects, I felt like the job was slowly killing me. Dilbert comics stopped being funny.

This might be a mid-life crisis, I am not sure, but I have the big house and the fancy car and the expensive things and they’ve not made me happy. I got tired of having to get up every morning and go to work. Even if work was in my home office, ten steps from my bed. I felt as though my time was spent working and little else. It occupied so much of my brain power that I had little energy for anything else. I got tired of factors outside my control dictating what happens with my time. What for?  To make a multi-billion dollar corporation more money? To provide the CEO, a bigger bonus?  A CEO who makes as much money as I do in a year by his 3rd day at work.  To slave away and pay for that big house with a big mortgage.

I have been off for two months and in that time travelled a bit. I went to Japan and to B.C., and now I am back in Newmarket. I’ve been working on some projects around the house, worked on some pottery and played video games.

I am not sure how long this will last, and I can feel myself beginning to get restless again…

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